Friday, February 5, 2010

Who do I think I am?

Who do I Think I am? I am a big sister, godmother, daughter, and a loving girlfriend. My favorite thing to do is laugh, and my favorite color is purple. Sometimes I will wear nothing but purple from head to toe. At first I questioned my decision to come to Hunter College, but when I learned that their school color was purple; I was convinced I made the right decision.

My name is Claribel Vidal, I do not yet know who I am. I am in a transitional stage in my life; I am still attempting to find myself. The first step in my journey is to discover my calling in life; I am an undeclared and undecided major. However, I know that I want to choose a path that allows me to use my ability to challenge boundaries and empathize with others. I am extremely shy; nonetheless I am constantly asking the world questions. I would like to write a book sometime in my life…the time when I will be able to answer this question better: who am I?

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