Saturday, February 6, 2010

Who Am I?

Who am I? I am Linda, which in Spanish means 'pretty', but I'm not by any means just some conceited chick; my name is Linda. Where am I from? I could answer however I please at the moment and every answer would imply a different association of who I am: I am from the Lower East Side due to my childhood. Mommy and daddy working hard but always making sure me and my brother were taken care of walking us to and from school. The L.E.S will always be home, it consisted of school, close friends and family, nothing ever went wrong. This is where I grew my roots.

Who am I? "Where Brooklyn at! Where Brooklyn at!" I am Brooklyn; I am a product of the craziness of Bushwick! Moving there during my teen years I became my own person. I exposed myself to new people and new situations. This is where we chilled on the stoops, played cards and C-Low. This is where my additude formed, this is where I learned people consistantly mistake kindness for weakness, this is where I said enough is enough and I stood up for myself. This is where I got "my swag." This is where we ran from the cops but we never got knocked. This is where we rode bikes to the park, played handball, shot some hoops and had water bottle fights. This is where I had my first love. This is where my life was heading downhill, putting me in tough situations. This is where I learned the hard way not to trust females. This is where I cried because boys will be boys. This is where I first had haters, this is where I first experienced a player. This is where my little sister was born. That when I stopped all my wrongs. This is where I said "I'm better than this." This is where I made a promise to myself to look above and beyond the drama and worry about myself. This is where my blood flows.

Who Am I? My force, I am Far Rockaway. I am a trooper! My second home is currently the A train. IM ALWAYS LATE! I am constantly arguing with the MTA at 2am because I'm tired of the construction and transfers and busses and changes and alteration and..... who freaking cares!! I just need to get home!! Surprisingly enough I am the Role Model. My friends barly see me but they completely understand. I am the one that acts like a Mother, always advising people, always schooling them, always reminding people how great they can be if they venture out of the hood. This is me trying to get out!
Who Am I? During my life many people tried to limit me from growing. My roots were firmly planted in the ground but I needed nutriments from the sun. I got rid of what ever was preventing my from reaching out for the sky. I am "a rose that grew from the concrete." I am something pleasent to the eye, but I am more than capable to hurt and scar you if I get treated wrong, I am some who made it through all obstacles in my life and I am a million times stronger because of my struggles.
Who am I now? I am Chilena. I am an after school teacher through AmeriCorps. I am a helper. I am a lover of making a difference. I am a Hunter student. I am a daughter, a sister, a friend, a lover, a fighter, I am ME! I have that unique spanish flavor you only find on the lower, my female co-workers dont call me Linda, they call me Mamaz. I am easy going and extremly sarcastic and am always aware of my surroundings. I am crazy, I will start laughing in the middle of the train with nothing but strangers because of something that happened yesterday. I am someone people feel safe to start random conversation with. I am a social butterfly. I am a person thats focused on finishing..... and now.... I am so.... Gone!!!


  1. OMG I'm Chilena as well. It's crazy there's not a lot of Chilenas around in the city. You are a really good writer and I can't wait to read more.

  2. really wow.... ur the first ive come across in nyc!!! im exsited to get to know u better!! ima a crazy writer/person.... thanks girl!!