Thursday, February 4, 2010

Who am I ?

Who am I? Really it is a philosophical question which I will try to answer pragmatically. I am Johanna Rodriguez; I was born in NYC but raised most of my life in South America (mostly in Chile and Brazil) which is why I think I view things much different then many New Yorkers. I live life trying to retain as much knowledge about different areas as possible because I believe a truly educated person is well versed in many different fields.

My ideology mostly as a professional is education is fundamental to the growth of society as a whole. With that being said I work in a school already as an Inquiry Specialist, really this position requires that I know all the programs admissions requirements and handle the visiting students like non-matriculated and e-permits for the school as well. I probably stay in education because that is where I enjoy working; although I enjoy writing and many other forms of media. If anyone truly knows me knows that I am a film buff and love reading all the time.

Which comes to the point why I took this class I think that women are still second class citizens and many fields women are still a minority. I think that studying about women and media would be one way to see how women have transitioned to being more active in media and maybe we can also see what are parts of media where it difficult and why is it still very hard for women to take on certain parts of media.

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