Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Who Do I Think I Am??

Tough one.
Over years, that answer changes. Some things added, some things taken away.
I was a Jewish girl growing up in a small white Christian, Republican town in Pennsylvania,with a German mother and father who thought FDR was the best president who ever lived. You can see the difficulties.
My parents definitely encouraged me to go away to college, and I was glad to oblige them. I do think that environment helped make me the tolerant person, who, I hope, I still am today. Nursing School was my ticket out. To New Jersey, and than to New York. Accept, for one year of living in San Francisco, I have lived in New York ever since.
I worked and played hard for several years. I did a lot of traveling (Israel, Greece, Europe, and, of course, the Caribbean). I have always worked in Obs/Gyn, as a nurse ina hospital, or in alter years, as a nurse in a private practice. This is where my belief in a Woman's Right to Choose became stronger and stronger.
I did also calm down enough to go back to school for my B.S., and have tried to take courses over the years, which have been totally unrelated to Nursing (Floral Arrangement, Spanish, Computer, Religion, Travel Agent).
My parents, who were loving and wonderful, although polar opposites. are no longer here, but I still have strong family ties to a sister and many cousins. I am also lucky enough to have a few extremely close friends.
My passions still include reading, swimming, dance (watching), and music (listening). Being retired, I also have had time to become involved with politics (in a helping way), animal groups, and still, A Woman's Right To Choose.
So, as you can see, over the years there have been several "I ams". But one thing remains constant-I am a lover of Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches with Chocolate Milk !!
Peace, Linda W.

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  1. I am also a lover of PBandJs. Its good to meet another fan.