Friday, February 5, 2010

Who Am I?

I am a man, not a woman – this is for sure. I am son of wonderful parents, who live in Poland, the north part of it. Yes, I immigrant. Few years ago I’ve won Green Card and came here, looking for …

…looking for luck, love, opportunities, adventure. Yes, I think adventure was the major reason of coming to New York. After all the adventures I’ve had I decided to get back to school and finish my BS. In CUNY they transferred a lot of credits from school from Poland, but still I have to finish all GER and Major Classes.

My major is Computer Science, but I am more interested in Web Development and Web Programming. After taking class Web Production I, I decided to focus more on this part off computer related science.

This is collage I've made as one of school projects, telling something about me and my day.

I am also a husband, for almost two years. On picture below you can see my beautiful wife, Magdalena.

I'm not the father yet, but planning to be one.

My plans are very simple right now: finish school, maybe go to grad school, find good job in web development (or open my own freelance office), have three children, house in New Jersey :)

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