Saturday, February 6, 2010

Who Am I?

I’m Steph, a gal who is constantly analyzing, ruminating and critiquing. For instance, right now I am trying to decide what to write in this blog. I don’t think of myself as egotistical or pompous, but when writing about oneself, a person can easily come off that way. But there has to be a difference between narcissistic writing and writing autobiographically with a sense of confidence. Yes, that’s it! I’ll be as honest as I can, and I’ll be confident while I’m doing it.

I love nostalgia and I live for irony. I envy those who have lucid dreams. I enjoy being engaged in rich conversations and exchanging ideas. I grew up being very shy, but thankfully I’ve learned to overcome this. I think I communicate best through writing, probably because it’s the only medium which allows me to carefully select words and arrange ideas before I express them. (If you were wondering, I rewrote the preceding sentence four times in the last five minutes). And although I have a pretty good memory, I am constantly scribbling notes, because I never want to forget anything. I can be serious, but also incredibly silly. I have a thing for incredibly attractive, well-structured sentences. And in case you couldn’t tell, I am really into innuendo.

Every chance I get, I immerse myself in rock ‘n’ roll. My favorite band is Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, who I’ve seen 11 times over the past four years. Sometimes I wish I were born in another era. I wish I could’ve seen bands like The Runaways, Kiss, Blondie, The New York Dolls, The Ramones, The Beatles (and many more) when they were in their prime, but at least I can play them on the radio show I co-host, Activity Grrrls’ Radio Revolution on WHCS, Where Hunter College Speaks. You can hear archived shows at: The station’s main site is: We should be on the air again very soon!

I wish all great things could be documented in some way, whether it be in written form, recorded, or captured on film. The thought of an original, superb idea getting lost in the wind makes me cringe. I was born two months prematurely and weighed in at a mere 2 lbs, 5 oz. Even today, just writing that down makes me shudder a little. I try not to take anything for granted. I am inspired by those who aren’t afraid to be their true selves, live their lives to the fullest and by those who are driven to reach their full potential.

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