Thursday, February 4, 2010

Who am I

Who am I? I am Jennifer Ball, an everyday analyst. I look at life with eyes constantly open trying to take in everything, and I try to understand my surroundings, even though most of the questions I constantly ponder about, I rarely ever find answers too. I was born and raised in Sarasota, Florida, a small beach town, in South Florida. I was in the theatre program in my high school, and have always had a passion for theatre and film. The pace of Sarasota was very slow,and life there was somewhat of a dream, with the sun always shining, It's one of the most beautiful places I have ever been in my life, but I was ready for something different... something more real.

I moved to New York because it seemed adventurous and because I loved fim, music, art, acting, anything that involves telling a story in a creative way. I felt New York was the best place to come to surround myself in that environment. I have a passion for movies and music and tend to spend a lot of time blogging about up and coming movies or researching new bands. I try to go to as many shows as I possibly can, because I love live music, and really I don't have any preferences.... well I like watching bands, and lately I have been very interested in Midnight Masses.. (they are really good, and they are playing at union pool in Brooklyn on Wednesdays) :)

As a kid I dreamed of becoming an actress, and that dream hasn't faded, it's grown. I want to become a storyteller through the medium of film. My focus is on documentary filmmaking because I feel that impacts so many people, and it has people become truly aware of the world around them. In the future I would love to document as much as I can about my generation, and the world around me, and my goal is to make a successful living out of doing just that. I find the world very interesting and the people even more interesting. People have stories, and I would love to be a storyteller through images of people and their lives.

As far as why I 'm taking this class, well women in my eyes have always battled some type of battle. No matter what that is either through their own personal problems such as, domestic violence, sexual harassment, their weight or lack of, their appearance in general or at the work place or in public for fighting to be the power figure. These issues occur everyday for women and as women we look towards media and women in media for some type of guidance. I took this class because I want to know why we do this and what women in the media are telling us, the women of the general public, and how this influences women.

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  1. Your blog was very interesting and I love that you came to New York for something more real because New York is very real and sometimes too real. I agree with you regarding women and media because I think it is very important to understand the struggles of the majority of our society. Once we understand what are the obstacles women are facing in media then maybe we can try to overcome them or create a solution. Even if we can't come up with a solution it is very important to understand and know what is holding back women, in order to know what women (we) are facing once we enter in making media.