Friday, February 5, 2010

Who Am I?

My name is Anne and this is my second year in college here at Hunter. I am still not sure who I am yet, for I am only recently beginning to learn who I am as a person. I am open to everything that comes my way, and I try not to be judgmental or bias. I am a very shy girl, except when I am around my close friends and family, but I am trying to change that by extending my friendliness to others as well. I am always looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends. I like making people laugh, and it makes me happy to know that I can do that, whether it is just me being silly, or something as simple as saying things that comes out funny, but not realizing it until I hear laughter.

I like watching movies. I find that I very much enjoy comedy, but I also love action/adventure, mystery, horror/thriller, fantasy...I will pretty much watch anything as long as there is a point to it. Sometimes when I watch my favorite movies for the millionth time, I would recite the lines as the characters say it. Occasionally, I would quote lines from these movies (and songs too) and integrate it into a normal conversation I am having (yes, I know, I'm weird like that). One thing I never get tired of is listening to music; I love listening to music. My music player has a wide variety of music. It predominantly has rock music of almost every kind, with some R&B, hip-hop, and rap. I even listen to music in other languages, even though I may not necessarily understand the lyrics. Some songs don't even have words to sing along to, (I love singing along to my favorite songs), but sometimes it feels nice to just relax and listen to the instruments playing.

In high school, and even high schools portrayed in movies, it seems as though everyone hates gym class. I was never one of those students. I think I can say that gym was my favorite class (if you can call it an official class), and I wish there is a gym class that we can choose to put in our schedule in college. But then again, it was probably my favorite because I always chose to be in the volleyball class. I love playing volleyball; I was on the team for two years, and now I regret that I hadn't join the team sooner. In addition to playing volleyball, I also played tennis, and I was on the team for three years. I only began to learn how to swim this past summer and am still in the process of learning it, and already, I am loving it. Now that I'm out of high school, I don't have as many opportunities exercising these sports, so I'm always seeking for open chances. Of course I know that I can play here at Hunter, but sometimes the available times are conflicted with my busy schedule, and when I do have the time to go, I never want go alone, being the timid girl that I am. Maybe I should stop making excuses and really get out of my comfort zone so I can make new friends...

I only recently discovered what I want to do with the rest of my life, and so far, I think it will be something in psychology and neurology. I say "so far, I think" because I tend to change my mind a lot. Over the years, I have thought about being a teacher and an accountant, but when I realized that I would be doing the same boring things (no offense to aspiring teachers and accountants) for years to come, those ambitions went out the door. I had also wanted to be a graphic designer and design for advertisement companies, but that wouldn't work out since I never had much image editing experiences. Of course, being Asian, my parents pushed me to become a doctor or pharmacist, but I had no interest in that because of all the chemistry involved, especially in pharmacy, and I didn't exactly find chemistry all too easy when I took it in high school. I had considered being a pediatrician, as my mother had suggested, although I didn't have anything to inspire me to become one. I also pondered about being an occupational therapist when my grandmother suffered from a stroke a few years ago and I tried to help her recover. Once again, I wasn't too motivated to help strangers rehabilitate; I felt that I wouldn't be comfortable with doing the work occupational therapists have to do.

It wasn't until this past summer when my cousin suffered from a stroke that I found that I was interested in neurology. At first, the neurologists weren't sure what happened to her; they guessed it was either a stroke or a brain tumor, even though there was no sign of tumors that could be seen. Every time the doctors explained what was going on, I would go home and Google the terms they used, read about what they meant, and tried to connect it to what happened to her. I continued to read up on strokes even after they diagnosed her, and would tell my findings to my mother. After a while, she half-jokingly said that I should become a neurologist since I take so much interest in it, and it was then that I realized how much I was into neurology.

I have always been interested in psychology, but before I took Intro to Psych last semester, it has always one of those topics that I didn't pay too much attention to. When I was younger, I never had too many questions to ask, but "why?" was the one that was always on my mind. I always wanted to know why people do the things they do, and what are the thoughts that go through their heads. While taking that course, I came to notice that I am a psychologist. Now that I know more about psychology, this subject matter intrigues me more than ever. My fascination for neurology still hasn't disappeared so I thought, hey, why not connect the two together?

And so, I now have only a few questions of my many answered, yet I still am not precisely sure who I am, but I guess I can only answer that little by little as time progresses...

(I'm not sure how to add the caption under the image of the brain, but the photographer is Sebastian Kaulitzki from


  1. I can relate with what you said about Asian parents. At first my mom suggested nursing, I told her no; then physical therapist, which I almost followed through with until I realized I didn't want to go into a medical field at all.
    Also, I love volleyball too! it's the only ball-sport I like. Though, I never really joined the team in high school because my asian mom told me it would conflict with my studies >.<

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