Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Gaze

Media representation on women is one that shows varies ways that women are depicted by an audience. Women are seen as not only a figure of entertainment but present an idea of a gaze.In John Berger idea of the "male gaze", women are depict on what the male gender see them as. Women are not worry on what they are seen as by others of their gender but what the male gender see them as. Today the male gaze is a pervasive form of vision in popular culture because the idea to sell a product is to focus on what is the male point of view. We live in a world where a male view strongly dominant how things are to sold in today. In an Axe commercial, they show a male figure putting on this fragrance and being wanted by all women. Though the idea is to sell the fragrance to men , you must pay attention to the women in the commercial, these women are not women of every body type, but mostly women of what i like to call the "perfect body". These women are tall, slighter women....model material. Men sees that this product is to attract thes women, and women sees reads this as a way they should be seen to the men who not only buy it but wear it.

The oppositional gaze descibed by Bell Hooks is about how afirican american women is described by media. Hooks uses the idea of that "to look" is something that is what people want. This idea to look for african americans is critical to learn and to know what is happen. It help one's knowledge expand.

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