Monday, February 8, 2010

Who do I think I am?

I think I am Jesus Rodriguez; age is mature enough to be 30; I act like the oldest out of three siblings; I think I am a writer; I'm a citizen of the world; believer of a higher power that may be different across different societies; believer of a life that's based on balance, depending on our perspective; believer that everyone's story has a purpose and a connection to our ultimate destiny as individuals and as a collective humanity; product of many years of injustice, colonialism, racism, and sacrifices that need to be told so that they never happen again; respectful of the experiences both good and bad of the people that came before me which might make them love me or not; believer that everyone gets the benefit of doubt, but I reserve the right charge double for my troubles; admirer of originality, of expanding existing art, and of bringing old art to the young generation that will always need perspective to appreciate what they experience; believer that talking anything can get resolved, and that actions are the words that carry the most weight; believer that a man is nothing but his circumstances; believer that life is what we all make of it, given that we all play with the same set of cards, but some are dealt bad cards early on and then better cards later in life, while others take too long to realize they have a better hand than they thought - the key is realizing that it takes having a positive attitude, loving others, and putting our effort to actually make the most out of it all. At least that's what I think.

I'm Teodocio de Jesus Rodriguez Montas, age 26, the youngest of three siblings; born Dominican, raised Puertorrican, been a NewYorker for 10 years; I work in a bank as a Desktop Publisher; I'm a writer; believer of God and of a destiny we can shape; believer of a life that's based on balance; believer that everyone has a story to tell and that I have all the time in the world to listen to everyone that deems me worthy of listening; product of many cultures and many sacrifices by my parents and the immigrants that came before me; respectful of my elders and their contributions to our society; believer that everybody gets the benefit of the doubt; admirer of people that succeeded without sacrificing their values and their style; admirer of people that sacrificed themselves for the greater good; prefer substance over appearance; prefer living to existing; glass half-full type of guy; been blessed with many experiences over my lifetime; love dearly my parents, my brothers, my closest family and friends; lover of Music; lover of Salsa; lover of a good laugh; lover of good food; lover of beautiful, smart, funny, and humble women; lover of women curves; lover of a good book; lover of a good movie; lover of a good Anime or Manga; lover of Sports; lover of dancing; lover of family; fan of LOVE; fan of LOST; fan of Family Guy; fan of Juan Luis Guerra & 4:40; fan of ManĂ¡; fan of Bob Marley; fan of a good video game; fan of the Mets; fan of the LA Lakers; fan of Pedro Martinez; believer that we should strive to be the best we can be with the circumstances we are given; believer that we should strive to do better every year with those same circumstances; believer that after we are done striving, we shape our circumstances and become the gamemakers and the ones shaping life around us; believer that the purpose of our existence is to find who we really are and when we do we'll be wise enough to know that giving our love to this world and its people is what we are all best at. That's who I am.

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