Friday, February 5, 2010

Who Do I Think I Am?

It’s funny just how relevant this question is to me now but truthfully I am not sure how to answer. I can tell you what I’ve done but who I am is something that I haven’t figured out yet and I honestly think it’s more interesting that way. I hope to always have difficulty answering this question; I suspect that once I’ve found the answer my life will be a little less complete.

After taking one semester off I am returning to school, 13 years later. As of now, who I am is a full time student. It’s a wonderful feeling to be back in school again, I have a different perspective for it this time around. George Bernard Shaw once wrote, “Youth is wasted on the young” and it could not be truer in my case but I plan to take advantage of things I failed to 13 years ago.

During my hiatus from school I have done things from being a make-up artist to driving bulldozers. I’ve worked in the corporate world and I’ve started my own business. Unfortunately I haven’t worked doing anything that I feel passionate about and I hope to change that fact. My interests vary from being obsessed with automobiles (I pull my daughter from school to check out the car show every year – I tell the school she has a doctor’s appointment) to enjoying reading and writing. I suppose ideally I will try to marry some of these interests into some kind of a career. I'm excited for what happens next, whatever it may be.

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