Saturday, May 15, 2010

Women in Latin Music

My final project consists of a magazine-like feature where I'll discuss some of the women and the people in Latin Music that have paved the way for the new generation of female Latin stars to be successful today. At the heart of the project is my love for Salsa music, which has taken me on a journey of discovery, seeking the tunes that get my heart jumping and feet moving, and the stories of the people that created them. So think of it as yet another chapter of an ever-evolving project of keeping the discussion of great music alive. This time I've been influenced by a class that has taught me that the women's inequality problem is pervasive and improving at a glacier's pace (before global warming), and has challenged me to take an active role in making a difference through my talents and through my voice. Priorities need to change, eyes need to be opened, and a generation needs to wake up and take responsibility and action. Like Celia Cruz would say, Life is a Carnival, and I'll do my best to provide a colorful, danceable soundtrack. AzĂșcar!


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  1. I love the additions! Especially adding the reference to today (important to understand the influence of this legacy) and I like the "forever queens" page. Keep researching and adding! It would be great to collaborate with an organization to publish this or turn it into a website! Keep me posted on any developments.