Friday, May 14, 2010

An Opinion Editorial Exploring How The Media Has Contributed to The Rise of Teen Pregnancy

With most of my high school and college friends pregnant or already mothers, I decided to examine and even argue that the Media does and has contributed to the rise in teen pregnancy. It seems to me like everywhere I look either in my personal life or on TV and tabloids teen mother's have become a commodity. They are everywhere! And though I do not judge these girls, I am saddened and disturbed by this fact. I am a strong believer that women are capable of great things; enduring hardships while striving for their goals at the same time. I do however, think about the future and wonder how this present epidemic will effect my daughters and the daughters of the future. The first step to breaking this cycle is to analyze and critique some of the major forces behind the formation of culture. Today the media is one of those strong forces, because it has so much influence and impact in normalizing behaviors and attitudes.
MTV's Contribution to the Rise of the Teen Pregnancy Rate

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