Saturday, May 15, 2010

Human Sex Trafficking

Link to the youtube video
Human trafficking, modern day slavery, is a $32 billion dollar worldwide industry which continues to grow unabated. The majority of modern day slavery revolves around the sex trade and reaches every corner of the globe. I wanted to take what we’ve discussed in class about the male gaze and the objectification of women in media and examine what role it plays in human trafficking.

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  1. This is a powerful video. It should be shown as a film.

    Perhaps there is someone in the Women's Studies Department at Hunter College who is working on a documentary that could incorporate this into their production.

    Please consider such a collaboration. Or perhaps, you may want to consider expanding this into a film as part of your media endeavors.

    Because it is a global matter, every governing body the world over should be addressing this atrocity. It is as crucial an issue as is nuclear war.

    The capital incurred from such an industry may also be that which is used to fund world wars.

    According to Vanity Fair's article of May 11, 2010, "Do Rich People Always Vote Conservative," most of the wealth in the US is held by one percent of the population.

    Wealth bears the burden of responsibility.

    If this issue is not being addressed on every agenda from presidents to monarchies, could it be that such an industry (and ideology) is condoned at every level?

    Wars ARE about power and commodification.

    And so I ask, where do we stand as a country on this issue?