Sunday, May 23, 2010

Feed me something different PLEASE!!!

Watching the news or reading the newspapers in the morning is always a downer for me. I find myself in a state of sadness or anger due to the stories that are being broadcasted and/or published. I find it all to be the same thing; Hispanic girl raped in the projects, three young black males arrested for hate crime, blah blah blah blah blah! Enough!

"Almost everything we know about our country, and our world is dictated by media." The WMC speaks the truth with this statement. Who decides what is going to be feed to their public? Well being that it is a male dominated industry, the answer is pretty clear. Old rich white men! If you sit back and analysis what’s being promoted into your mind on a daily bases u realize that everything flashing across the screen or printed into bold letters is news which instills fear. When was the last time you turned the news on and found something educational, something worth learning? No seriously ... think ... we'll wait. Exactly!

"Media Ownership: Impact on Minority Ownership and Localism" tells us that when you wipe away all the cover-up, in all actuality media is just a business run by a few men; everything I’m being told comes out of their minds. This guys are insane in the membrane! I want a variety! I want options! I want to read about events that affect me and the people that surround me!

We are being worked like little puppets; know this, stay away from this topic, oh there is no way we're letting the public know about this instead let’s talk about something that DOES NOT MATTER! We live in a world in which tragic things happen on a daily bases. As we watch television or read our morning papers we are dueling on the past and rarely are we ever taking away any knowledge which will help you correct these mistakes; instead we play the blame game. We point fingers at certain races, genders, neighborhoods, lifestyles or whatever the big boys decide to entice us with. The sad part about this is that we fall into the trap.

How do we change this? Alternative media. I came across a great website which I had to save onto my favorite links after only ten minutes of exploring.

There are multiple topics one can CHOOSE to read from such as education, ethnic media headlines, ethnic media in the news, gender and sexuality, health, immigration, Latin America, Media, Race, race relations, youth culture and more (no worries there is still a sports section). The website is laid out wonderfully, it is very easy to find your focus and educate yourself on the given topic. The articles are wonderfully written and to top it off there are story tools next to the articles which allow you to comment, resize the font (for those that struggle without glasses), print (to share easily with others), and a share option to quickly email the articles.

Why is this a successful website? Because issues that are not emphasized in mass media is here. All this information is available at the click of a button. These articles are here to tell us what the our regular sources do not tell us! Why don't they tell us? It is not important or top priority to them, so these stories get neglected. On this website I found an article entitled, Natural Disasters Hit Women Harder Than Men. "June Zeitlin, a former executive director of WEDO, cited a study by the London School of Economics (LSE) analyzing disasters in 141 countries and providing decisive evidence that gender differences in deaths from natural disasters are directly linked to women’s economic and social rights. Gender inequalities are magnified in disaster situations. When women lack basic rights, more women than men will die from natural disasters. The LSE study also found that in societies where women and men enjoy equal rights, natural disasters kill the same number of women as men."

Finally some real news! An interesting topic which shows how woman all over the world have to deal with gender issues. There is so much on this website I wish I could post up about a few more articles but it's time for work. Go check it out and educate yourself on what matters to you! Do not let the media spoon feed you what they want you to hear. Enjoy!



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