Friday, May 14, 2010

Final Project: Basic Kubotan

Behold: Basic Kubotan

Inspired by a discussion in class where most of the women believed that they were limited in defending themselves, I decided to create this website which will hopefully lead to opposite perceptions. Basic Kubotan focuses on a dual function object called the kubotan; it is used both as a key chain and a self-defense tool. Defending yourself with the help of a kubotan can be achieved with the most basic knowledge of pressure points. Beginners are usually advised to merely strike at any bony part of the body. This website was aimed to contribute in solving violence against women. By incorporating the kubotan in their daily lives, women can raise their confidence and freedom when going out into the world and living in our current society knowing they are equipped with a tool that they can personally use to protect themselves; to have the feeling of security even in the most shady areas. This website contains a short introduction to what a kubotan is, its history, applications and techniques, and where to buy them.

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  1. Hi. Very nice. I will ask you tomorrow, where did you posted it (which hosting).
    One critical comment: you should reduce size of images (also background) - it loads very slow.