Saturday, May 15, 2010

Final Project!

Hi everybody!This is my final project: "Have the media influenced your life?", is a serie of interviews to differents women, who speaks about how the media have influenced her lifes. It´s really interesting the things that they tell. I decided to make these series of interviews thinking in my first final, which I changed for this one because I felt more inspired doing it. Since I am taking this class I have been thinking how the media affects in my life, so I wanted to hear the experience of other girls and compare with mine. I chose 3 girls from differents parts of the world and with differents ages and I asked them about this question, which it was running in my head during all this time. This is the final product, I hope that you enjoy it like me working on it. I know that is not the best video,but it´s my first time recording and editing,but I think that still being interesting.
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