Friday, May 14, 2010

Single Ladies at Seven?

Art or sexualization of children? As reported by CBS news, the original post of this video has been watched two million times. The CHILDREN in this video are extremely talented dancers. However, the burlesque style of their costumes can be easily construed as an evocation of child pornography.


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  2. I could not agree more. I had a difficult time forming an opinion towards this video. I clearly recognize the talent these children have and admire their training in ballet; BUT it was what they were wearing that held me back to completely liking this video. Up until now, I still have mixed feelings--I do not think they will ever fall to one side.

  3. I can understand why it would cause some controversy but I have to agree with Aaron. I watched this video for the first time with my dad before hearing the commentary. I though it was very cool that these girls were about to be creative in such a way. I personally with I could be so talented at such a young age. Not once did it come across my mind that what there were wearing was inappropriate. Not until my dad mentioned his disgust of the video, did I realize that this might be taken in a sexual manner. I do believe that this video can be interpreted differently by different people, but I also believe that that is not the fault of the children, the parents or the dance instructor. I do however believe that it is not a good idea to have this in a mass media because some of the people watching my practice or are fond of pedophilia.