Saturday, April 10, 2010

Women in the Martial Arts: Vids & Resources from the presentation

Clips from the movie Be Gentle, Be Strong, Be Beautiful(site) about the life of Keiko Fukuda (bio):

Kathy Long's (bio) tribute video:

Today's Best Female fighters in MMA:

Megu “Mega Megu” Fujii(bio): skip to 2:25 to see the Inazuma Toe Hold Submission(the Megulock), her signature move.

Megumi Fujii vs. Keiko Tamai

Gina Carano (bio):

Inside MMA Interview

Fight Tribute Clip

Movie Knockout details

Fight Girls:

Clips from the movie Ip Man starting Donnie Yen(bio), about Yip Chun(bio), master of Wing Chun Kung Fu and teacher of Bruce Lee (movie is highly recommended!):

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