Saturday, April 10, 2010

Women are seldom the faces you see on new stations, the voices heard on the radio, the words read in newspapers or even the images on Sunday morning cartoons. More scarce are women doing behind-the-scenes work, having only 15 percent being directors, producers, writers, cinematographer or editors. This is an extremely low number considering women take up more than half of the population here in the States. There are some well known names of women in the media, like Katie Couric and Diane Sawyer, but those exceptions are ultimately still under a superior white male ownership.

“Educate a woman – Educate the world!”

Women News Network is a corporation that focuses on international news on media that our mass media does not. It is about women and significantly enough, ran by a majority of women. The organization started as a single assignment for the UN Commission but the then director, and now Editor-at-large, Lys Anzia decided to create an on-going non profit organization that addresses the ongoing problems with women rights all over the world. WNN continues to be awarded for their journalism, but there ultimate goad is not to win awards, but to bring awareness and end women suffering and create a better world for all people to live in.

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