Monday, April 5, 2010

In Search of Fair and Just Media Coverage

Women’s E-News ( is an independent news source that covers a broad amount of issues including the arts, reproductive health, religion, the environment, and many more. It is a site that is dedicated to covering women’s issues and providing as much information as possible to give women the opportunity to make their own free decisions. The site even gives recognition to the women leaders of today and pays tribute to their accomplishments. The site is successful due to its broad amount of information having to do with women and women’s rights. Women still must strive for equality and educate themselves about issues that may not be so mainstream. That is why an independent news source like Women’s E-News is important for women to read. Free Press is a group that is working towards more diverse media coverage like Women’s E-News, and recognizes the media’s downfalls. “Female and minority voices are vanishing from the public airwaves, and women and minorities have been systematically shut out of ownership of our country's broadcast media.” There is a tremendous need for more information outlets that include women and minorities in their coverage. Women will not be truly equal until there is a fair amount of sources that do not under represent them and that care about certain important issues that deal with feminism. The site called National Organization for Women gives the horrifying statistics about women in the media. The site dives deeper with such statistics like how, “at daily newspapers in the U.S., women and people of color remain under-represented. Nearly 90 percent of reporters/writers and newsroom supervisors are white and about two-thirds are male. Hundreds of newspapers in this country employ NO minorities as full-time staff.” According to the National Organization for Women, we need to speak up for the need for information that is fair and just for all. The media plays a strong role in influencing the public about many issues, it is only logical to fight for information that involves the ENTIRE public.

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