Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Invisible Majority

Women and race has been excluded in the mass media in every aspect from in front of the camera to behind the scenes. Women and Black Americans are the invisible majority in the media. The reasons why this exclusion happens in democratic society would be because the FCC hasn’t been able to protect small media outlets to have a stance in the mass media. The small media outlets aren’t producing change is because they aren’t able to compete with the major media conglomerates. There is to this day no stop to cross-ownership which enables these conglomerates to be as powerful as they are. These conglomerates are producing one view point in the media and that view point is only from white males less then half of our populations is instilling their view point on major social and political issues that media has informed us the consumers. “Thus, access to the media by the broadest sector of society is crucial to ensuring that diverse viewpoints are presented to the American people, that all sectors of society are accurately depicted.” (Why You Should Care About Media Diversity).

When there is women in media fields such as in our reading about “The Rise of the Female Anchor” depicts women both competing as cat fight between Katie Couric and Diana Sawyer which is ridiculous depiction of two professionals just completing to be the best anchor; this would only be allowed because both individuals are women. Society has allowed the conditions to create women to compete in such a way that it is a cat fight. When in real life women have profound long lifetime relationships with women personally and professionally.

In the mist of all this anti diversity in the mass media there is an organization called New York Women in Communication. This non-profit organization was created to promote New York Women in communications by offering scholarships to women who wanted to embark in Communications felid. The organization grew to not only scholarships but student’s news letters, career conferences for students, mentoring and internships as well. The reason why this organization is alternative is because this organization strictly promotes women in the Communications field. Which the communication field like every other aspect to media is a boy’s only club. This organization is trying to diversify the Communications field by enabling women to go in to this felid.

Women in media are the invisible majority and we see that everyday once we pick up a newspaper or go online for our news, turn on the TV or watch a movie we only see white males as the only point of view. There are very few organizations trying to allow for more then one view point and the New York Women in Communications is an enabling agency for women going in to the communications felid.

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