Saturday, April 10, 2010

Seeking for new media

Dr Donna Allen.

Seeking for alternative news organization I found this wonderful page which represents all the things that we are looking for in the media´s world.
The Women's Institute for Freedom of the Press (WIFP) is a nonprofit, tax-exempt research, education, and publishing organization. It was founded in 1972, by Dr. Donna Allen, to improve communication between womens and reach the public with our experience, perspectives, and opinions. Also seek to disseminate the media and women in various areas: culture, politics, human rights, etc.. as well as new areas where we can make known our voices The main goal of this organization is to try to democratize the media´s world to achieve freedom of press. Internet is the most useful tool to disseminate their message and this page is their contribution to try to get to this purpose. They want the women´s voice to be heard and more known in the world.
The Women´s Institute for freedom of the Press thinks that medias help us to democratize our society, and we can get our experiences, our problems and conflicts to be publically known. It also shows us the injustices and social inequalities of our diverse societies.
In this page you can find many things: all the places where they are now working,, their message, books, magazines, links, our rights, also they give people the opportunity to work with them in an intership to express your own ideas in the page.
I think that this organization makes a really interesting work, tries and also encourages you to change this acts of injustice.It is important that there is differents media´s places with a different message than the traditional message such as this page. New media tries to make people aware instead of alienating. Fight for these minorities (that the readings speaks has their own voice and their chance to participate in a equal world. The Women's Institute for Freedom of the Press believes and works to enable it.

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