Monday, March 15, 2010

They advertise, You buy!

The media has always found ways to captivate their audiences; by narrowing down to their ideal target they then attack the weakness. Why is it so hard for the public eye avoid feeling some kind of reaction to the multitude of material objects which is constantly promoted every which way one looks. The answer to this question is simple, the consumer is forced to feel like they should become the ideal in the scope of the media which is truly unrealistic when compared to what woman are in "the real world". The media finds a ways to make the women in the public eye to force a sense of dependency over the viewer which will essencially lead to the consumption of their product or artist or idea and so forth. If something is promoted in the media, no matter how random, no matter how unneccisary, no matter how ridiculas someone will be interested. Why? Because they come in a varitey of different sizes, shapes, designs, textures, scents and all that other jazz. It's whats in! It's what the rest of the class is wearing! It's the upgrade of the phone I had a month ago, but this one loads 2 seconds faster! Oh my goodness! Do we not see what's taking place all around us?
It seems that some women has lost some sense of being an indivisual because she is trying to be someone she is not. It typical for a man to say that a woman takes hours to get ready, and I never believed this until I meet a girl who literally was a different person after an hour in front of the mirror. If one strand of hair was out of place, it was not acceptable. "Are you serious! We're just going to the corner store! It's not important!"
I call this putting on the mask. The mask is what you wear when your in a social setting when one is all dolled up and the rest of the world admires. The is nothing wrong with looking good but there are extremes. A woman should be able to dress herself up but for themselves rather than others. Here is where the representations of gender come into play. Advertisment has found a methods to grab your attention and make you stare. Goffman in 1976 said that "Advertising has a great deal to say about gender identity. Ads use visual images of men and woman to grab out attention and persuade. They are really projectiong gender display-- the ways in which we THINK men and women behave-- NOT the way they ACTUALLY do behave." The notion is that woman are labeled as objects and they sell for major companies, by exploiting the womans body and completley making them seem like nothing more, they become dependent of the extrenal beauty which is superfical and could even become extreme.
How do we change what is out in the media and make the message not one of downfall but one of insperation and uplifment? We promote what woman really are. The normal woman walking down the street does not have the measurements of one in a magazine. Lets get some woman with curves in the media and have show them eatting with a smile on their face. If I'm sitting on the train after a long stressful day, why do I have to see the whole left side of the train car covered with alchoal ads, so that I turn to a bottle and drink the pain away? Why is it that on the Lexington line I see ads with poems and on the Brooklyn line its nothing but ads promoting vices. The media knows who they want to target and they find where the money is; this is where they push their product.
There are problems in this world which are completly neglected. Survey woman worldwide and see what is really important to them. We live in a day and age where woman are very liberated and their interest have changed, there should not be a representation of passivity when instead we have the power to tell the media what they can do for us!

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