Saturday, March 20, 2010

A new way of seeing

I am not an advertising professional but I think that the way to change things would be to create a new advertising language. Stop to sell perfection because it is not real. Life is not perfect, we aren´t perfect, we are just human. Here is the solution : we have to sell that you can be fat, slim, tall, short, ugly, pretty, whatever,it doesn´t matter, with your strengths and weaknesses you are special, just because it is you. Sell individuality not as something selfish but as something to reinforce our personality against the idea of becoming a mass of false perfection.
One week ago I was speaking with a friend, who is intelligent, charismatic,talented and has wonderful grades, I always though and still think he is going to have a really nice future so he was telling me that he had known someone by the internet and now this person was coming to visit him. He was concerned because when he saw pictures of this person, he realized that the other was more handsome than him, so he figured that the person would be disappointed and decided not to meet him. It is incredible for someone who is cute, he may not be a top model but this isn't important if you really connect with someone. It is sad that my friend lost a wonderful opportunity to meet a person because he doesn't look like aesthetics canons that this society sells. We have to stop this, give a new way of seeing things, reeducate our society in the thinking that we are persons, not bodies.

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