Thursday, March 11, 2010

Life and Lemons

It is disturbing that some of the ads such as the Dolce & Gabanna ad presented in this blog and the one shown in class last week appear in mainstream media.

In accordance with the First Amendment of the US Constitution, these depictions are acceptable. However, they should be limited to magazines that are read by an older demographic. The legal age requirement of the models portrayed in such ads should be at least 25; the models in the Dolce & Gabanna ad below appear to be younger. We have a drinking age restriction. Why not impose similar parameters to advertisements so that they are viewable only in certain venues and to mature readers?

The British Journal of Developmental Pyschology (2009), published a study conducted by Moniek Buijzen on the importance and effectiveness of parental communication in modifying the relation between food advertising and children between the ages of 4 -12. 234 parents were surveyed and the study showed that explaining the nature of advertising and its purpose, and also restricting its exposure, reduced the impact of younger children's food consumption; whereas, the same did not prove to be effective among the older children. These results suggest the importance of parental guidance and supervision as an effective tool in which to counter the impact of food advertising.

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